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History of Tarot
The origin and history of Tarot is an interesting subject. There is not really any conclusive evidence about where it originated, but its history is fascinating.

Your intuition is basically the best tool you have in your Tarot toolbox. Here are some suggestions and exercises to help you fine tune and learn to depend on your own personal intuitive skills.

Tarot Spreads
There are hundreds of different traditional Tarot spreads to choose from. But, some of the best spreads are the ones you design yourself. Think of the spread as the landscape and the cards as the peop

Book Reviews
There are so many books and Tarot decks available these days, it is oftentimes very difficult to make a choice. Here are a few of my favorites.

Court Cards
The Court cards are probably the most difficult cards to interpret in any Tarot reading. But, once you get to know their personalities, defining who they represent becomes a lot less confusing.

Games and Quizzes
Games and quizzes are always a fun way to test and refresh your knowledge. I will be adding a few from time to time on different Tarot subjects. Enjoy!

Major Arcana
The Major Arcana is the meat and potatoes of a Tarot deck. Learning about the Fool´s journey and the role each member of the Major Arcana plays in that journey is extremely important.

Minor Arcana
The Minor Arcana cards are the adjectives which define the Fool´s journey represented in the Major Arcana. Understanding and working with the suits will allow you to correctly interpret the theme and

Suit of Cups
Cup people are all about feelings, both good and not so good. They live from the heart and not always from the head. They are the romantics, poets, lovers, and dreamers.

Suit of Pentacles
The suit of Pentacles is all about finances. Sometimes fortune smiles upon you and sometimes it does not. The suit of Pentacles represents career, business, money and investments.

Suit of Swords
Of all the suits Swords is the hardest to understand and interpret. Hopefully the story portrays in the story of the Swords may help.

Suit of Wands
The Suit of Wands is the most spiritually directed of the four Minor Arcana suits. Wands speak of life purpose vs career and manifestation rather than finance.

Tarot & Divination
Tarot falls into it´s own category when it comes to divination. But, there are many other types of oracles and objects that have been and are used for divination. These include Angel cards, pendulums,

Tarot Tools
Which Tarot deck is right for you? How do you set up and maintain a Tarot Journal? How do you care for your cards? This section will answer these and many more questions asked by new Tarot readers.

Tarot Workbooks
I am offering Tarot workbooks to help you to peruse my articles in a better and clearer chronological order.

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