Etiquette 101

This page is for the beginning Etiquette student, or those with basic questions. This will answer the who´s, what´s and why´s of etiquette.

A Thank You Card in the Digital Age star
A handwritten thank you note is never unnecessary

Arriving Late star
You are running late and you know it. Here’s what to do. And if you are at all considerate here’s what not to do.

Basic Table Manners star
The need for basic table manners becomes obvious when dining out. When you don't observe them, the whole restaurant might notice

Basic Table Setting star
Setting the table is both practical and easy. It’s a task children can learn (and love) at an early age

Book Review Manners by Kate Spade star
Kate Spade offers a book titled "Manners"

Book Review Occasions by Kate Spade star
Accessory designer Kate Spade offers up her opinions on various occasions and how to be the literal hostess with the utmost class.

Celebrations star
Just because New Year's Eve is over doesn't mean you need to stop celebrating

Consideration for Others star
When swearing in a public place, remember it’s not your space. It’s ours.

Different Thank You Cards for Different Gifts star
Just as there are different kinds of gifts and a variety of occasions a gift may be sent, there are an assortment of thank you notes as well.

Don't Bring Pickles to a Potluck star
Labor Day and Potlucks go hand in hand. When the invitation requests, make sure your hands arrive with the proper covered dish and something to drink.

Easy Table Etiquette star
Bread plate & water glass…Whose is whose?

Food Samples at Costco star
We know you like free samples, everyone does. But really, are you THAT hungry?

Getting Organized. star
You have resolved to get organized - how are you doing?

Giving Back star
There are so many ways you can give to others as an individual, a family and a community. Take a little time to consider what you can do for others.

House Prep For Entertaining star
Throwing a party or having friends over is easy. Just a little prep and you´ll be ready for anything.

Kate Spade's Book Manners star
Kate Spade offers a book titled "Manners"

Kindness, Clarity and Insight star
Always use kindness, clarity and insight in large measure. Reap the benefits of doling out these positive, Karma-inducing traits right now.

Line Etiquette star
We are all faced with the task of standing in line at one time or another. When you are waiting to get to your destination, consideration for those around you will deliver the best results

Lose Weight with Manners star
There are many befefits to being polite and minding your manners. One big benefit is a smaller waistline.

Men's Sport Socks star
Match the sock to the shoe or the pant? Here's your easy answer.

Modern Etiquette Origins star[offsite link]
This site provides a bried historical account of etiquette along with a few guidelines used in the Victorian Era. Although these rules originated in the Victorian era, many of them apply basic etiquette dictates.

Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service star
The loss of someone close to you is difficult to deal with. Here is a quick run-down on how to honor this person respectfully.

Pregnancy Style star
“Are you pregnant?” Ohhh Girlfriend, is that really the right question to be asking?

Proper Interview Etiquette star
When considering how much of your personal flair you should bring to an interview, consider if the job or your personal style is more important

Punctuality and Follow Through star
When did fashionably late become the no-show?

Say Hello to People in Your Neighborhood star
People you pass on the street are part of your community. What’s keeping you from saying a polite "hello" to all of them?

Saying Hello star
The Importance of a Smile and a Hi

Small Talk star
Catherine Blyth's book, "The Art of Conversation" puts small talk in perspective

Smile star
A Smile is Universal for "Hello" and So Much More

Tea Partying star
Everyone could use a little tea time in their lives

The Basis of Etiquette star[offsite link]
This site gives summarizes why etiquette is, and always has been, important. Given from a historical context, you come away with a better appreciation.

The Holidays and Being a Good Houseguest star
If you are indeed someone who is forever invited to stay with others it's most likely because your host enjoys you. Odds are you already know how to ingratiate yourself by truly being respectful and considerate of your host.

The Rotten Series star
Most of my articles give recommendations of what to do in order to be a good house guest, dinner guest, hostess, etc. Here is a series of what NOT to do.

The Tea Party star
There's no such thing as a snobby tea party

Throwing a Party star
What works and what doesn´t

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