Social Etiquette

This page offers tips and information on various social graces.

A Change of Habit star
A forced change of habit can either be embraced or resisted. Your decorum can decide the results.

Are You A Wine Snob? star
Enjoying wine and conversation is an enjoyable occurence. Touting your knowledge in wineology the entire evening - not so much

Baby Shower star
The actual day of the baby shower has arrived. You've put a lot of work into this and the party is going to be great!

Baby Shower Prep star
The baby shower is just around the corner. Your early prepping will save you extra stress and sweat the day of.

Basic Cell Phone Etiquette star[offsite link]
With the amount of cell phone usage ever rising in our society, this site lists a few basic rules for public cell phone use.

Being Properly Social In Social Media star
Principals are like prayers - noble, but awkward at a party. It's time to acknowledge your media zone. And stay there.

Bike riding etiquette – city star
You are riding a bike in the city. You're more likely to evade harm by following these simple recommendations

Bikes vs. Cars star
The bike rider meets the car driver. Now decide who's got the right of way.

Cell Phone Conversations star
When and where to have a conversation on your phone

Cell Phone Etiquette in a Crowd star
Cell phones were created to be a convenience for you, not an annoyance to those around you.

Cocktail Party star
It’s a gathering with friends and neighbors. What is expected of you as a guest?

Ditch the Dishing star
Ditch the Dishing And Other Gossip Gripes

Eating in a Theatre star
When you see the ‘No Food and Drink” sign they mean you too

Engagement Party star
Prior to the nuptuals and before the showers come a possible engagment party. It may be out of style for some but why not celebrate the exciting news?

Etiquette in the Neighborhood star
While you might just see them as people you have to endure because they love their leaf blowers, keep their broken down cars in their driveway (or yard), or tend to be loud when you want to sleep, there are many reasons to be considerate to your neighbors.

Fall Style star
Fall is upon us and it's time to embrace it with your own style and personality

Four Musts When Christmas Shopping star
Before you begin tackling your excruciatingly long Christmas list, keep in mind that countless others are in the same predicament you are: lots of items and very little time

Gifts and Thank You Notes star
If you are debating whether or not you should make the effort to send a written note of thanks for a gift you received, you really need to send one.

Great Girls Night star
It's girls night out. Here are a few tips to make sure it's super fun.

Gum Chewing star
There are few instances where choosing gum over a mint makes sense.

Halloween Party Etiquette star
You're invited to a Halloween party - now what?

Hat Etiquette star
Hats are fun, functional and a way to add some verve to your wardrobe. Like all accessories, however, there is etiquette to be observed

Holiday Gift List and Kindness star
Malls and Outlets and Downtown Core. There are many places to shop but one attitude everyone needs to have.

Holiday Shopping star
You have your list. You've checked it twice. Time to hit the stores!!! Gently, though.

Hostess Gifts star
Hostess gifts, while not mandatory are a wonderful gesture when arriving at a party. Because etiquette requests that you never arrive empty handed.

Insignificant rant? Tiny Person. star
Ever freak out over something trivial? Ever roll your eyes when someone drivels over something insignificant or unimportant in the greater scheme of life?

Jewelry Party Etiquette star
You're invited to a jewelry party but are pretty sure you don't want to purchase anything. Do you decline? Do you attend? Just what is expected of you anyway?

Keeping Social Media Social star
Always be sure to recognize your media zone and know how to stay there.

Making Eye Contact star
Eye contact during conversation is important.

More Etiquette in the Neighborhood star
There are many reasons to meet and greet your neighbors

Nail Biting star
Feel the need to gnaw off the tips of your fingers? Please don’t.

Pajamas are for the bedroom not the boardroom star
When did it become PC to wear pajamas to restaurants, around campus and to work? And just because you are pairing them with Crocs, not slippers, doesn’t make it OK.

Q & A on Social Etiquette star[offsite link]
Thirty questions regarding various social topics are answered on this page. Question 7: What should parents do when their children are too young and disruptive during holiday religious ceremonies?

Reasons to not Complain star
There are dozens of reasons why you should be positive. Equally noted, there are even more reasons to not complain.

Resolution A Kindness to Others star
With 2013 upon us, we are all resolving to do something different.

Riding in a Limo star
Taking a ride in a limo is a great opportunity - if you do it right.

Sneezing Etiquette star
We are all faced with the cold and flu challenges. Here are some suggestions to survive the sneeze with grace and consideration.

Social Hugging star
To Hug or Not? And Whom? And When?

Spa Etiquette star
When Considering a Spa, There are Many Options to Consider

Subway Etiquette star[offsite link]
This article intrigued me as I have never been to New York City, or seen it´s citizens clamoring the subway. But I do ride the city bus, and I have half a mind to hand this article out to a few of my fellow passengers.

Surround Yourself With Inspiration star
Inspirational media makes us happy and optimistic. It gets the creative juices flowing. So why are we watching so much horror?

Texting in A Crowd star
When attending a gathering, whether it's a party or a networking event or anything where other people will be in attendance, plan to talk to those around you - not someone texting on your phone.

The Bible On Social Graces star[offsite link]
A biblical perspective of Social Graces. Concluding that Jesus, although never missing an opportunity to complete his mission, also thought highly of socially acceptable behavior and grace.

Trolling on Social Media star
While social media strives to stay social, trolls and naysayers work really hard to turn happy into gloom. Are you one of them?

TV Etiquette star
Guests are coming and the TV is on. Something's gotta go

Wine Tasting Room Etiquette star
Wineries and wine shops provide the expert and novice opportunities to be educated and entertained. There is, however, a little etiquette which should be observed.

Women and Beer star
No longer reserved for guys and football games, beer has become the drink of choice for many females.

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