Relationship Etiquette

This site will provide information on how we should behave in our relationships with others.

10 Choices you will regret in ten years star
Here are the first five of ten choices that can affect your life in a negative way

5 more choices you will regret in 10 years star
One decision can develop into a habit, and the habits you form create your reality. Learn to be conscious of the decisions you make so you can do your best to live like a champion.

Are Bella and Edward Good Role Models? star
With the anticipation of the next Twilight movie of the popular book series due out in November, rabid fans are gobbling up movie theatres pre-ticket sales. Twilight is hot. Edward is tantalizing. And millions of girls would love to be in Bella’s shoes.

Bike riding etiquette – trails star
You are a cyclist who loves to ride but there are others out there who you need to share space with.

Dating Etiquette – Getting Dressed, Guys star
Is it a real date if you look great but your date looks like a slob?

Does a Man HAVE to Pay for Dinner? star
On a first date you don’t HAVE to do anything, really – unless you want to see her again, that is.

Empathy - Embracing and Modeling It star
Roots of Empathy is a new concept we are finding in the classrooms. We need it everywhere though, don't we?

First Date - Who Pays For Dinner? star
Who pays is seen as a sticky subject but really it’s not so difficult to figure out.

First Date Conversation Do´s and Don´ts. star[offsite link]
A collection of first date do´s and don´ts discussing conversation starters and basic etiquette.

Gossip or Bully star
Bully? Or Just a Bit of a Gossip?

Greeting Your Neighbors star
Say "hi" to your neighbors. It's an important step to get to know those who live close by.

Hand Held Device Do's and Don'ts star
Six friendship rules for hand held devices

Is It A Date? star
It is a gathering? A one-on-one date? Two couples? Regardless of the type, if you were invited, be prepared to pay your share.

Loving Yourself. What it is not. star
That term "love yourself" pops up all the time. Articles and news spout that we must love ourselves in order to love others. Really? What does this mean to love yourself? Just as important, what does it not mean?

Loving Yourself. What it is. star
That term "love yourself" pops up all the time. Articles and news spout that we must love ourselves in order to love others. Really? What does this mean anyway?

Men Dressing Women star
Should a Woman Ask A Man What She Should Wear? Honestly! Must I Even Give You An Answer?

Men Looking at Other Women star
Reminiscent of a Carrie Underwood song or two, hanging out with certain men can cause a woman find herself somewhere between the music videos “Don’t Even Know His Name” and “When He Cheats.”

Offending a Friend star
It's easy to take offense. But what are you going to do about it? Tell the offender? Or tell all your mutual friends?

People are Nice When You Are Nice star
Kindness shows great self-discipline and strong self-esteem

Reasons to be Positive star
There are many reasons to vent but is it wise?

Remembering Mom on Mother's Day star
Remember that your mom/wife does a lot for you every day. This is one day where you can recognize this by taking care of her.

Respect for Your Neighbors star
Respect for your neighbors can look like many things...picking up after yourself, acknowledging that they live in your area so a "hello" or smile might be in order...sometimes it's just being sure you make them feel the way you would like to feel - welcomed

The Definition of Chivalry star[offsite link]
This page gives the definition of chivalry as well as the virtues that have been historically associated with the classification.

The First Date star
You’ve been invited to go out. Do men still pay? Although it would be nice, from a woman’s point of view, men aren’t always expected to pay when dating.

The Holidays and Being a Good Host star
There's an art to welcoming people into your home

Twilight - Is Edward Kind to Bella? star
Teenagers crave attention and relationships. But what if the most beautiful boy on earth loves you dearly and treats you terribly?

Twilight-Is Edward Abusive? star
Edward and Bella: The controller and the compliant. Here are reasons to remind your daughter that her boyfriend will never have the traits of a vampire - for good reason

Vacations with Friends star
Whether you vacation all the time with the same group or this is truly your maiden voyage with friends, the same questions tend to curtail the fun.

Visiting your Neighbors star
Being a good neighbor sometimes means stopping by to say "hello"

Women Dressing Men star
Women Dressing Men - Totally Expected

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