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Whether you´re looking for books on bulbs, perennials, trees, or other related landscaping subjects, you´ll find helpful reviews here.

A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants Book Review star
This title has become a classic garden reference. It belongs in every gardener´s library.

All-Occasion Gift Books for Gardeners star
For all sorts of occasions throughout the year, books are a perfect gift. Here are some suitable titles for gardeners.

Beginners Guide to Gardening Book Review star
If you´re new to gardening and landscaping, but are eager to learn, Reader´s Digest has published a very helpful title.

Bonsai Book Reviews star
Bonsai never seem to go out of style. These are certainly among the most admired plants. These species require careful attention to detail, and that's where books on bonsai come in handy.

Books for Gardeners star
Books are an ideal gift, especially for gardeners. If you aren´t sure what title the recipient would like, why not buy a gift card or gift certificate?

Books for Gardeners star
This is a good time to reflect on some highlights of the 2008 gardening season. Of the new garden books, here are some of my favorites.

Books for Wildlife Lovers star
If you love wildlife and want to create a wildlife-friendly landscape, here are some books that will help.

Books of Interest to Gardeners star
Books on a host of different subjects are of interest to gardeners. Here are reviews of several that I've found to be helpful and inspiring.

Books on Bird Gardening star
As many gardeners have discovered gardening is a great way to develop an interest in bird watching and bird feeding.

Books on Choosing Garden Plants star
There are many kinds of plants for the landscape from woody and herbaceous to evergreens. Sometimes, this can make it hard to chose. It helps if you can first determine what category you´re interested in, such as ornamental grasses.

Books on Container Gardens star
Container gardens allow us to use all those out-of-the way spots on the landscape that would ordinarily go to waste. So here are some books that will help you plan and care for your container plantings.

Books on Garden History star
Of all the books on garden history, here are some of my favorites.

Books on Herbs star
Herbs remain one of the most popular group of plants for the landscape. Below are some books on the plants and their uses in herbal healing.

Books on Japanese Gardens star
Books on Japanese Gardens

Books on Landscape History star
Books on landscape history have a wealth of information to offer us today. Here are some of my favorites on the subject.

Books on Native Plants star
With native plants becoming so popular in recent years, here are some books that will help you identify and appreciate their unique beauty.

Books on Perennials star
Get a jump start on the new gardening season. Start planning those perennial plantings now. Here are some books that will help.

Books on Plant Propagation star
Propagating your own plants is so rewarding. Whether you´re using seeds or cuttings, the joy is indescribable.

Books with Fall Landscaping Projects star
Fall is the perfect time to start some of those landscaping projects you´ve been putting off. Here are some books that will help you plan for the new gardening season.

Choosing Plants for Flower Beds and Borders star
Picture-perfect flower beds don´t spring up like mushrooms on a lawn. They´re the result of careful thought. Here are some books that will help you design and plant beds and borders for your particular situation.

Container Gardens Book Reviews star
Gardeners can find many inventive ways to dress up their landscapes with sensational container planters. Here are some books that can help you accomplish that.

Converting Lawns to Gardens star
Thus far in 2007,huge areas of the country are experiencing drought, including the Southeast and West. In this day and time, it is certainly unwise to be using our scarce water resources for watering lawns.

Craft Book Reviews for Gardeners star
When gardener´s aren´t busy in the garden, chances are they´re planning landscape projects. When you need a break from gardening, indulge in some garden craft projects. Here are some books with wonderful project ideas.

Craft Books for Gardeners star
Gardeners who sew can find many uses for garden motifs and themes. These appear in all sorts of craft projects. Here are reviews of some excellent sewing books that gardeners will love.

English Gardens Book Reviews star
The subject of English gardens knows no bounds. Their influence reached North America and other regions of the world. Here are some excellent books that chronicle this story.

Fairy Gardening Book Review star
For those planning to create their own fairy garden, I definitely recommend a book released by Skyhorse Publishing. "Fairy Gardening-Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden" is by Julie Bawden-Davis and Beverly Turner.

Garden Books for Summer Reading star
Here are some very helpful gardening books for your summer reading pleasure.

Garden Craft Book Titles star
Gardeners can choose form many garden craft books. Here are reviews of some titles that I've found very helpful.

Garden Craft Books Banish Blahs star
Don't let the winter blahs get you down. Indulge in some garden craft projects. Here are reviews of some delightful garden quilt books.

Garden History and Art Book Review star
Of all the gardening books released thus far in 2006, one stands out in the crowd. This extraordinary title from Prestel is "Florilegium Imperiale-Botanical Illustrations for Francis I of Austria" by H. Walter Lack.

Garden Quilting Book Reviews star
A number of delightful quilt books have been released in time for fall. Here are reviews of some titles featuring wonderful garden quilt projects.

Garden Structures Book Reviews star
Garden structures serve many purposes. These garden projects require careful planning. For that reason, I recommend the following books.

Garden Travel Books star
Regardless of the season, garden travel books are a godsend. They allow gardeners to plan upcoming trips and experience gardens they haven´t seen yet.

Garden Travel Books star
Winter is a wonderful time to start planning those garden tours. Here are some books that will help.

Garden Travel Books as Gifts star
If someone on your shopping list loves to travel, travel books are the answer.

Garden Travel Guides star
Whether you´re planning a garden tour or looking for inspiring ideas for your own garden, garden travel books are a wonderful source of inspiration. Here are some recommended titles.

Gardening Book Reviews star
With so many gardening books available, it can be hard to choose suitable titles. Here are some that focus on landscape plants and landscape design.

Gardening Gift Books 2008 star
Books are among the most useful gifts for those gardeners on your holiday shopping list.

Gardens and Weather star
In many respects, 2007 has set many extreme records when it comes to the weather. Gardens and gardeners are very much affected by weather, so here are some books on weather and climate change that can help you.

Green Living Books for Gardeners star
There is growing interest in going green. This is especially true among gardeners. The following titles are highly recommended for gardeners.

Heirloom Plant Book Reviews star
As a living legacy, heirloom plants bring the past to life. Often, these are herbs or edible plants. Here are some books focusing on heritage plants.

Holiday Gift Books for Gardeners star
Among the many books that would be suitable as holiday gifts for gardeners are the following.

Houseplant Book Review star
For the winter months in cold climates, gardeners retreat to the indoors. Houseplants fill a void during this time. Here are some indoor plant books that will help you succeed with your indoor plant projects.

Ideas for Outdoor Rooms star
Nowadays, people expect more than ever from their landscapes. Within recent decades, the garden has become an outdoor room for the family.

Indoor Plant Book Reviews star
Winter is a trying season for gardeners. That´s when houseplants come to the rescue. This is great opportunity to expand our horizons. Here are some books that can help.

Insect Books star
Gardeners are often looking for books on insects. Here are some of my favorites.

Japanese Gardens Book Reviews star
The first thing to consider before starting a landscape project is the garden style. For meditative and contemplative purposes, the Japanese garden can´t be beat. Here are some books that will inspire gardeners.

Landscaping Books star
When it comes to books on landscaping, there is no better publisher than Thomson/Delmar Learning. This publisher has a diverse group of titles on the subject.

Landscaping Books as Holiday Gifts star
Books remain one of the top-ranking items for holiday gifts year after year. It is easy to find titles to suit every interest.

Medieval Flowers Book Review star
"Medieval Flowers-the History of Medieval Flowers and How to Grow Them Today" is by Miranda Innes.

Mediterranean Kitchen Garden Book Review star
Finally there's a guide to gardening in hot, dry climates. The "Mediterranean Kitchen Garden" is sure to become a classic on organic gardening.

Orchids Book Review star
Orchids continue to beguile gardeners. As each year passes, these become more popular. Publishers have released a number of titles on orchids that will be of particular interest to indoor and greenhouse gardeners.

Quilt Books That Gardeners Will Love star
There are many quilt books available. Some of these will have special appeal to gardeners. Here are reviews of some wonderful titles that I found inspiring.

Quilting Book Reviews for Gardeners star
Garden quilts bring the outdoors into the home. For those gardeners wishing to create their own unique garden qults, here are reviews of some excellent quilting titles.

Seasonal Craft Book/Pattern Reviews for Gardeners star
Our landscapes provide themes for various craft projects. Here are some recommended garden craft books and patterns for gardeners.

Small Garden Book Reviews star
Small gardens present unique challenges and opportunities for gardeners. The basics of good garden design still apply. Here are some books with sensational ideas for small gardens.

Some Books on Herbal Healing star
Interest on herbs and herbal healing continues to grow every year. Here are some books on the subject.

Some Books on Organic Gardening star
Though organic gardening may once have been considered offbeat, much has changed in recent decades. As more people have become environmentally conscious, organic is now perceived as the preferred method.

Some Books on Plants star
When you´re looking for garden gifts, books on plants are a great idea. Here are some titles that should have wide appeal.

Some Craft Books with Garden-related Projects star
Gardeners often need craft books with various sorts of garden-related projects. Here are some titles that I found helpful.

Some Garden Books star
When the weather gets hot and sultry, stay cool indoors and check out these gardening books.

Some Gardening Books star
Whether for gardening gifts or for their own use, gardeners will find gardening books on every imaginable subject. Here are some on garden design, ground covers, and special trees.

Some Gift Books for Gardeners star
With the holiday season on the horizon, here are some garden gift books on various kinds of plants.

Some Great Books for Gardeners star
Any time of the year is good for delving into a new book. Here are reviews of some titles on various subjects that will appeal to gardeners.

Some Great Gardening Books star
Gardeners learn what works and what doesn´t by experience. However, we can benefit from the advice and experiences of others. Here are some books that will help.

Some Great Gardening Books star
When we´re shopping for gardening books, it can be hard to choose. Here are some titles that are suitable for novices and experienced gardeners.

Some Landscaping Books for the Dog Days of Summer star
In the dog days of summer when the weather is so hot and muggy, take a break from the garden. This is an ideal time to delve into some landscaping books.

Some Quilting Book Reviews for Gardeners star
There are many kind of craft books that are suitable for gardeners. Many of the quilting titles will appeal to those interested in flowers, plants, and nature. Here are reviews of some titles I find especially appealing.

Some Quilting Books for Gardeners star
Gardeners who quilt will find many suitable craft titles. Here are reviews of some excellent garden quilting titles that I've found very helpful.

Some Regional Garden Books star
Landscaping is all about climate and hardiness. That´s one reason that regional garden books can be very helpful when you´re choosing landscape plants.

Some Sustainable Landscaping Book Reviews star
Gardeners can save time and money by adopting sustainable gardening practices. Here are reviews of some titles on sustainable landscapes.

Special Books for Gardeners star
Whatever theh time of year or occasion, books make great gardening gifts.

Special Books for Tree Lovers star
If there were popularity contests for plants, trees would doubtless be the winners. Of all the books on trees, the following are some of my favorites.

The Gardens of Portugal Book Review star
One glimpse at the cover of this magnificient book lets you know you´re in for a treat.

The Ultimate Rose Book Review star
Just in time for the fall gardening season Harry N. Abrams has released the new expanded edition of its classic title, "The Ultimate Rose Book."

Tree Books for Gardeners star
Arbor Day only comes once a year, but we can appreciate trees throughout the seasons. Here are some books that will be of particular interest to tree lovers.

Useful Plant Book Reviews star
Plants are essential for human well being. While some species are used for practical purposes, others have symbolic meaning. Here are reviews of herbal books that explore the magical side of plants.

Warm Climate Gardening Books star
Hot summers bring challenging times to landscapes. Here are some books that can help gardeners in warm climates.

Wildflower Book Reviews star
In recent years, gardeners have become very interested in growing native plants. Whether these are grown in perennial borders or wildflowers meadows, wildflowers are special. With that in mind, here are some wildflower book reviews.

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